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#MBMy5: Lindsey

The subject of this edition of our #MBMy5 series—our blog series in which we ask MB staffers to whittle down their favorites from the line to just five essentials—is Lindsey!

Lindsey sweetened up our team when she came aboard last year with her enviable sense of style, infectious positive attitude, and a major dose of Southern charm. When she isn’t crisscrossing the Southeast making sure that the stores in her territories have everything they need, she is at her home base, Nashville, Tennessee, giving us all manicure envy with paint jobs like this one:

Lindsey's Manicure

Lindsey’s Mario Mani

Without further ado, let’s turn this over to Lindsey:

Hello, Mario Badescu Beauties!

I’m thrilled to share my #MBMy5 today. A little bit about myself:

Working with Mario Badescu means that I spend my work days traveling all over the Southeast-throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and my home state of Tennessee. As any professional globetrotter knows, abundant traveling can wreak havoc on your skin.

My skin type in one word: troubled. Since I spend so much time flying, the elevation and air conditioning leaves my skin desert-dry. On the other hand, anyone who lives in the south knows that the heat and humidity is unreal! Add in sensitivity to harsh ingredients and major acneic tendencies, and you’ve got the recipe for a skin care conundrum. Today I’m going to chat about my skin care must haves, and how I keep my skin hydrated, clear, and glowing throughout the tumultuous southern weather.

Lindsey's favorite Mario Badescu products

Lindsey’s 5


The Enzyme Cleansing Gel is my go-to cleanser. I love the way this melts off my face-makeup, while providing the softest AHA-based exfoliation. It smells like fresh fruit, thanks to the Papaya Extract, and helps to keep my skin clear of mild breakouts.

The next, possibly most important, step in my regimen is the Special Cucumber Lotion. It picks up the leftover makeup, oil, and dirt from the surface off the skin, while deep-cleaning my pores at the same time. The Sulfur and Zinc Oxide combination gives my skin an extra acne-fighting treatment, which is crucial for troubled days.

Once my skin is squeaky clean, I’ll often start to feel dry. Enter Herbal Hydrating Serum. It’s a water-based gel-serum that provides crucial hydration without leaving my T-zone oily. During my super dry days, I’ll layer this all over my face directly under my moisturizer. On my more oily days, I’ll use this to spot-treat the dry spots. Bonus feature: patting this into the high points of my cheeks gives me the glowing from within look with or without makeup!

Finding a moisturizer has always been a challenge of mine. Like I mentioned, my skin is acneic, so I have to be sure that the moisturizer is oil-free, or I could risk causing my breakouts to spread. Being Combination/Oily adds another tricky factor. Add my love of makeup to the mix, and you have what seems like an impossible equation. The Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 meets all of these needs, all while providing protection from sun damage (hello, alabaster complexion). I love that the formula is lightweight and dries matte. I can apply my makeup directly after the moisturizer without any fear of slippage.


#MBSkinTip: In the colder months, I like to use the Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15 for deeper hydration.



A few times a week, I make time to draw a bath and unwind. While my water is filling up, I’ll apply the Whitening Mask. Years of bad skin habits left my skin uneven in tone and texture, and this is my secret weapon to help correct that. After using this mask regularly, I’ve seen a huge difference in post-breakout discoloration—plus, it provides the hydration my skin desperately needs! It’s so lightweight and soft, and only takes 5-10 minutes. Added bonus-it smells like mulberries!

Finally, finding a skin care regimen that works for my picky skin has been a game-changer. My makeup sits on my skin beautifully and I feel so much more confident without makeup all together.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me about #MBMy5! Be sure to come visit us down here in the South, where we like our skin like our tea: sweet, smooth, and best served year round.


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