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#MBmy5: Karolina


New year, new . . . blog series!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Mario Badescu is, “What are your best products?” And while we love to give recommendations, that question doesn’t have a simple answer. There are a number of things that factor into deciding which products are best for your individual skin type. So we decided we’d ask MB insiders to tell us their skin types and whittle down their favorites (there are over 150 products in the full Mario Badescu line) to the very tippy-top five on their list. For our inaugural #MBmy5 post, meet Karolina!

Karolina is one of our favorite smiling faces around Mario Badescu headquarters. Whether she is plugging away on a spreadsheet or telling us about her latest adventure (did you catch her #MBTravels pics from Paris earlier this year? If not, have a look here and here), Kari shines bright.

Here are Karolina’s favorites in her own words:

Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone

1. By far my go-to, number one favorite is the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. It’s my trusty sidekick in the fight against moisture loss by giving my skin quick refreshment. It’s multi-functional when a toner is out of reach, a mist for pre/post-makeup and the touch of Aloe even helps when a post-sun cooling gel is nowhere near. Whether it’s sitting behind a desk, in a car, or traveling on a plane, a bottle of facial spray is within my arm’s reach.

Kari's favorite Mario Badescu products

2. My go-to exfoliator and post workout in-shower cleanser is the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. Even though my skin is oily, it’s still sensitive and very acne-prone, so using exfoliators that have grit in them can irritate my skin. This, however, foams to a lightweight consistency that makes it ideal to use on my face, as well as on my chest and back to get rid of any dead skin cells. The scent also reminds me of summertime in Brooklyn eating Lemon Italian Ices as a child. Oh, nostalgia!

3. Since I started working at Mario Badescu, I’ve learned that different parts of your face have different needs, which means that different parts of your face need help from different masks, a.k.a. multi-masking! A few times a week you will find me looking like a pastel leopard covered in spots, with the largest areas covered in the Super Collagen Mask. This mask works great for my T-zone area, as well as for plumping areas on my cheeks where I have some post-acne scars. It’s very hydrating on areas where acne products tend to overdry the skin, especially during the winter season. I love using this mask before I go out or when I’m home for the night to give my complexion a boost of moisture and Collagen. It’s never too early to incorporate anti-aging into my regimen.

4. Even with oily skin and eyelids, it’s never too early to add an eye cream to a beauty regimen. Ceramide Eye Gel is a great, lightweight alternative to a heavily emollient eye cream. I am very prone to getting milia, or small white bumps, around my eye area from using thick eye creams. This gel’s glide-on texture doesn’t tug the under-eye area and makes it ideal for year-round use that won’t slip under makeup. Due to its gel consistency, it can be stored in the fridge to give my under-eyes a pick-me-up when they look puffy, especially when it looks like I missed out on some ZzZzZzs.

5. The second sunshine and humidity go away, my hands become parched. Especially during East Coast winters, when there’s no humidity and constant washing to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E is my ultimate savior. Its whipped consistency makes it lightweight and non-greasy. I love having the classic jar laying close by on my desk, that won’t leave residue on my mouse or keyboard. I’m even more obsessed now that the hand cream is available in a tube! It’s ideal to place in a bag or leave in the car to hydrate my dry hands on the go.

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