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What’s In Your Skin Care? Rose Hip


Rose Hip Skin Care Benefits

What Is Rose Hip?

Rose Hip Oil and Rose Hips Extract, both derived from the Rosa canina plant, are renowned for their high Linoleic Acid and antioxidant Vitamin C content. Rose Hip is known to deliver moisture-intensive hydration, help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, encourage the fading of minor discoloration (and dark spots), and help smooth the look of dry, flaky skin.

Who Would Benefit Most From Rose Hip?

Combination-Dry, Dry, and mature skin would benefit most from incorporating Rose Hip-infused skin care products. Our aestheticians highly recommend layering our Rose Hips Nourishing Oil under or over moisturizer to help smooth dry patches and revive dehydrated skin. Further boost radiance in dull, tired skin by incorporating the Rose Hips Mask into your regimen twice a week: It’s infused with Lemongrass, Rose Hips Extract, and Rose Hip Oil to brighten skin and diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and minor discoloration.


Author: Kimberly Yang

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that skin care is paramount, green tea is everything, and the Internet rules all (typical Gen-Y philosophy; if it wasn't 'grammed, it never happened). Also pertinent: writer, content creator, national sales director at Mario Badescu. For more about me, visit my Google+ page.

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