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What Is a Lip Mask and Why Do You Need to Use One?

Dry air, sun exposure, low temperatures, icy wind, hot or cold food and drinks, dehydration – your lips are a true hero for enduring extreme challenges every day. Adding to the mix the habit of frequently licking the lips due to medical conditions, environment or anxiety, the result may be severely dry lips, flaking, bleeding, and rashes. The skin on the lips is very thin and a lot more delicate than the rest of your body. Why do you ask? A large part is due to the fact your lips don’t contain oil glands, so they don’t produce sebum. Without this layer of protection, lips need extra care to avoid drying and discomfort. Luckily, there is a lip treatment that can assist your daily lip balm.

What does a lip mask do?

A lip sleeping mask is a lot like a facial overnight mask but is specially designed to moisturize lips. It is an overnight lip treatment which has a rich texture and is formulated with nutrients and vitamins to nourish and protect the lips. Leave on lip masks are designed to work while you sleep and lock in moisture to help make your lips look and feel smooth, soft and ready even for the most challenging matte lipstick.

What is the difference between a lip balm and a lip mask?

Lip balms are great for lip hydration during the day, they are easy to apply on-the-go and provide instant relief. However, some only last a short amount of time, absorb quickly, or may vanish as you talk or eat, meaning you may have to reapply your lip balm quite often. A lip mask usually has a richer texture and creates a barrier to seal in the powerful nutrients packed into the formula. Overnight lip masks last longer on the lips to moisturize lips and revive them.  Lip treatments are often so rich that there may be a residue on your lips when you wake up the next morning. Lips are often one of the first areas to show signs of aging, such as fine lines and loss of volume. Lip masks help to lock in hydration, moisturize lips with nourishing oils and some may even target certain concerns such as lip aging, thanks to the active ingredients added to their formulations.

 How do you apply an overnight lip mask?

Giving your lips an extra boost of moisturization and care is very simple and easy. Just follow your regular skincare routine, starting with a cleansed face and then applying your favorite products. Finish off your overnight routine with a generous layer of Mario Badescu’s Lip Mask with Acai and Vanilla before going to bed and gently wipe or wash off the excess when you wake up. 

This innovative overnight lip treatment contains a blend of botanical extracts and oils to moisturize lips overnight and leave the lips soft, smooth and supple by the morning. Our intensely hydrating blend of key ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Squalene delivers an ultra-hydrating and cushiony feel, conditions lips, and makes them appear plumper and healthier. The overnight lip treatment also contains a range of antioxidants.  Acai Berries are super berries, rich in anti-aging and brightening components like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 Fatty Acids to visibly replenish the lips. 

You can also choose to use our lip mask during the day, as well for a more intense lip treatment. Our lip mask helps to deliver the delicate skin on your lips with long-lasting hydration and lock in moisture for all day lip hydration. Prep the lips with Mario Badescu’s Acai and Vanilla Lip Mask before applying makeup or add it on top of your favorite lipstick for a glossy look with added benefits.

Your Complete Overnight Routine

And while you are giving the extra bit of love to your pout, don’t forget that the rest of your face needs protection and hydration, as well. Take off the weight of the day with Mario Badescu’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser. The caring formula removes impurities and excess oil with the power of Fermented Black Tea Extract, calming Chamomile Extract to soothe and Glycerin to replenish and leave the skin soft and nourished. Mario Badescu’s Cucumber Cleansing Lotion Toner refreshes and rebalances the skin with the skin-softening properties of Cucumber Extract that calm the skin and visibly revitalize it. The lightweight and oil-free Seaweed Night Cream helps to visibly enhance skin tone and texture. The mineral-rich Bladderwrack Extract is paired with the triad of skin heroes Marine Collagen, Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate to soothe skin irritations, and visibly improve skin elasticity, firmness, and lock in moisture. For an intense boost of hydration, try Mario Badescu’s Hydrating Overnight Mask with Peptides, supercharged with Adaptogens, Peptides, Lactic Acid, and Niacinamide. The overnight mask cocoons the skin and effectively brightens, hydrates and resurfaces the skin, promoting a youthful complexion.

Shop  our Lip Mask with Acai and Vanilla lip mask. 

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Holiday Gifts for the Skincare Lovers in Your Life

Holiday shopping can be really exciting but finding the best skincare gifts for everyone on your list may get slightly overwhelming. Gifting is all about surprising your loved ones, turning the experience into something special for them and of course, making sure they will actually use whichever present you’ve purchased for them. That’s a lot to consider! But there’s no need to panic. We’ve curated the best holiday gift sets and stocking stuffers for every skincare enthusiast in your life.

Holiday gift for mom

Moms should always be able to take a bit more time for themselves and deserve to be pampered every day of the year. Show your mom how special she is to you and give the gift of self-care this holiday season. Mario Badescu’s Winter Glow Essentials will make her and her skin feel cozy and hydrated. This limited edition four-piece set features Coconut Body Soap, Coconut Body Butter, Facial Spray with Aloe, Coconut and Adaptogens, and Lip Balm for radiant and healthy complexion from head to toe – the perfect Christmas gift for mom.

Holiday skincare gift for your sister

You and your sister probably share the same taste for beauty and let’s be honest, she likely loves to borrow your favorite facial mist that you carry in your handbag at all times. Or perhaps you know nothing about skincare and don’t have the slightest clue on what to gift her. Now you can surprise her with her own Mini Mist Collection that has all five of Mario Badescu’s must-have facial sprays including Rosewater, Lavender, Cucumber, Orange Blossom, and Coconut Water. You can also split this set into five mini stocking stuffers or keep your favorite mist for yourself to refresh and hydrate your skin throughout the day.

Holiday gift idea for your girlfriend

Everyone’s lips need to receive a bit more love in the winter season and we have the perfect pairing for your girlfriend (and it’s a gift you’re sure to love too). Mario Badescu’s Lip Care Duo features Lip Balm and overnight Lip Mask with Acai and Vanilla. The lip balm is great for all-day hydration and easy application while the innovative overnight lip mask intensely hydrates the lips and protects them from moisture loss by sealing in all the powerful nutrients. Our Lip Care Duo is sure to deliver extra soft, kissable lips – perfect for kissing under the mistletoe.  Go the extra mile by surprising her with another gift like one of our larger gift sets. Our lip duo is the perfect little stocking stuffer to team with a luxurious body care collection like our Coconut Body Trio

Holiday gift set for a friend

Reminiscing of summer with friends? You don’t have to wave goodbye to your warm memories just yet, keep the scent of summer for a bit longer and surprise your friend with Mario Badescu’s Coconut Body Trio. The holiday gift set contains Coconut Body Scrub to refine and balance the skin, Coconut Body Soap to replenish and condition, and the luxurious Coconut Body Butter that seals in the moisture and leaves the skin smooth, soft and radiant.

Holiday gift set for men

If you’re looking to treat a special man in your life (whether your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or grandfather) look at our Men’s Grooming Basics Kit. Housed in a gift-ready box with our signature canvas dopp kit – it’s the perfect holiday gift to help men take care of their skin. Featuring both skincare like our Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Vitamin A & E Hydrating balm plus shaving essentials including our Pre-Shave Conditioner, Shaving Cream, and After Shave Moisturizer our luxury skincare gift set for men  is specially curated to help minimize the harsh effects of shaving and nourish dehydrated skin.

Skincare gift ideas for everyone

We’ve covered holiday gift ideas for the lead characters in your life – gifts for her, Christmas gifts for mom, skincare gifts for sister but what about some adorable stocking stuffers for everyone or a little skincare gift for someone dear who you didn’t expect to see this Christmas? We narrowed down a few holiday picks for your friends and family to enjoy. Make sure to save a couple for yourself.

Who wouldn’t love indulging in a holiday gift set comprised of three moisturizing lip balms? Mario Badescu’s Hydrating Lip Trio is a real treat with its rich and coconutty Lip Balm, cushiony and floral Rose Lip Balm, and fresh Mint Lip Balm. Now you and the special people in your life can have a lip balm for every room, bag… and mood. 

For the self-care aficionado, a thoughtful gift to help them step back, take a deep breath and spend some relaxing time, gift our Rose Lip & Mist Duo. Each spritz of Mario Badescu’s Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Facial Spray hydrates and refreshes the skin for a dewy glow while the rich and nourishing formula of the Rose Lip Balm softens and smooths dry lips. The delicate rose scent feels soothing and relaxing for the ultimate “me” time.

For your loved one or friend who is a skincare enthusiast we’ve got you covered. Skincare enthusiasts love trying new products and they will fall in love with Mario Badescu’s Essentials Mini Set that includes all the basics they might possibly need. The skincare gift set features our Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Botanical Exfoliating Scrub and Oil Free Moisturizer. These three universal skin staples rejuvenate, refine, soften and protect the skin. This holiday season, choose the gift of healthy skin!

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New Skincare Products

If you’re looking for the latest in skincare solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Our philosophy at Mario Badescu Skin Care has always been simple, gentle and effective skincare. And although we have some fan-favorite formulations which have been bestsellers for years, we’re always looking to expand our selection with new and exciting products.

To that end, we’ve recently announced four amazing new skincare products. Two are available right now, so you can add them to your cart and start enjoying fantastic skin benefits in no time. The other two will launch later this month, giving you even more reason to look forward to what we have in store.

Here’s a look at our latest products, including details about how these new skincare solutions can be incorporated into your daily regimen. 

Drying Patch

When you have a blemish pop up unexpectedly, our Mario Badescu Drying Patch is ready to come to your rescue. This clear, single-use adhesive patch can be applied directly to the blemish for on-the-go treatment. Each patch is extremely thin, so it stays discreetly in place all day long. The non-drying formula is perfect for zapping zits on the spot while soothing skin. With a detoxifying blend of Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, it provides the perfect balance of targeted blemish-busting power and nourishing hydration.

For the best results, use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion overnight, come morning – cleanse and tone your skin before applying the Drying Patch on the blemish.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Adaptogens and Coconut Water

For an all-in-one solution that helps to replenish and protect your skin throughout the day, use the new Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Adaptogens and Coconut Water. A simple spritz or two of this multi-purpose spray is a great way to feel refreshed — but that’s only the beginning of what this amazing product can do. 

This fragrance-, dye- and alcohol-free facial mist also helps to combat free radicals that can contribute to aging skin. It helps to balance and de-stress skin and leave you with a wonderfully radiant, dewy and youthful glow. Ingredients in this exciting new formulation include Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, a blend of Adaptogens, Sodium Hyaluronate and Niacinamide, all of which contribute to superior hydration and skin nourishment.

Use the Facial Spray with Aloe, Adaptogens and Coconut Water as needed on your face, neck or hair for a refreshing boost throughout the day. It can also be used to give your makeup a dewy finish when you spritz your brush or sponge before blending in your foundation or concealer.

Coconut Body Butter and Coconut Body Scrub-Add Coconut Body Soap and Body Oil

Our Mario Badescu Coconut Body Butter and Coconut Body Scrub are the most recent additions to our Bath and Body collection. They’re designed to help perfect your skin from head to toe, creating a silky-smooth feel that’s irresistibly touchable. Plus, both products feature a fresh coconut scent that uplifts you throughout the day. 

These two products are planned for release in the near future, so check back soon to add them to your cart. Trust us — you won’t want to miss out on these skin-beautifying products.

Follow along on our blog to find out about more new products as they’re released along with helpful skincare tips and more.

Mario Badescu Skin Care

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Our Commitment to Consumer Driven Skincare Solutions

At Mario Badescu Skin Care, we take our product quality seriously. While we have many devoted customers who have trusted and relied on our classic formulations for years, we’re always open to feedback. Every message, DM and review informs what we do next. That’s why we’ve decided to be more conscience of using ingredients that work for sensitive skin, while still being just as effective when it comes to acne, anti-aging and other skincare concerns. Our classic products will still be available, but we hope that these new formulations will allow every customer to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Our Commitment to Good Skin Care

Please read our official statement below for more information about this renewed commitment to quality skincare solutions:

Our Commitment

Mario Badescu Skin Care started in 1967 with Mario Badescu himself mixing products and giving facials in his one room studio in New York City. He quickly gained renown for his custom treatments, from which he developed a product line that included everything from acne solutions to essential, daily care.

Even after decades of innovation, you’ll find that most of our original formulations remain beloved favorites in the line. For over 55 years, our products have delivered results—and to this day, we see the impact they make in real time, daily. We’re proud to have served three generations so far, and as we look ahead, our mission is to continue developing exactly what you’re looking for. This means that every message, DM, and review informs what we do next. Going forward, we will be more conscience of using ingredients that have been shown to contribute to skin sensitivities. 

The original, time-tested formulas you know and love—and have been skin-tested by us every day—will always be here for you.  Newer collections will uphold tradition and efficacy while evolving to reflect your feedback: they’re designed with your needs in mind. 

In short, we know GOOD SKIN IS FOREVER. No matter your current skin phase or where you are in your skin care journey, we’re here to take you through them all.

Our Commitment to Good Skin Care

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Fall Moisturizers

As summer turns to autumn, and the leaves start changing, so too do your skin’s needs. You want to maintain your regular skin care regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but it may be time to add a bit more hydration as your skin starts to respond to the chill in the air.

Here’s a list of some best-selling Mario Badescu moisturizers you’ll love. Take a look at what we have to offer, and consider adding these gems to your beauty routine.

  • Honey Moisturizer: Soften and smooth your dry skin with this honey-infused formula, great for combination, dry or sensitive skin. Simply smooth it on after cleansing and toning, avoiding the eye area, to give your skin that dewy, fresh look you love. Use this at night or during the day, but don’t forget to add a product with some sunscreen if you’re headed into the sun. If you like the enriching effects of honey and have combination, dry or sensitive skin, you might also like our Almond & Honey Face Scrub.
  • Oil Free Moisturizer: Especially if you have oily, combination or sensitive skin, you’ll want to hydrate without clogging your pores. This lightweight, oil-free moisturizer fits the bill perfectly. Infused with skin-brightening lemongrass extract and soothing allantoin, this is a great nighttime moisturizer for use after cleansing and toning. If you’re going out into the sun, try our Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 for the same effect with some sun protection.
  • Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C: Give lackluster skin a touch of radiance with this Vitamin C-infused moisturizer. This moisturizer is an ideal addition to a nighttime skin routine for combination and sensitive skin. Its lemongrass extract helps brighten skin and even out its tone and texture. After cleansing and toning, apply the moisturizer to entire face and neck area. If you’re looking for skin-brightening formulas, you might also like our Vitamin C Serum, ideal for all skin types and great for smoothing out your complexion.
  • Seaweed Night Cream: Enjoy this lightweight, oil-free nighttime moisturizer for combination, oily or sensitive skin. It’s infused with bladderwrack extract to soften and nourish skin, so you’ll wake up with dewy, fresh-looking skin. Apply this at night, after cleansing and toning. Try our Seaweed Cleansing Lotion for a gentle cleanser before applying this night cream.
  • Chamomile Night Cream: Ideal for combination, dry or sensitive skin, this hydrating night cream packs a punch. Its chamomile and vitamin A provide antioxidants to fight free radicals, and soften and nourish skin. Apply it after cleansing skin. Layer it over serum for enhanced results. You might also like our Chamomile Eye Cream, which nourishes and moisturizes under-eye skin.

Mario Badescu is your one-stop shop for simple, gentle and effective skin care. We offer a wide range of moisturizers for all skin types, plus cleansers, toners, masks, exfoliants, bath and body products, acne treatments, and more. We even have a line of hair products you’ll love, and products designed especially for men.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!