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Our Story

Good Skin is Forever

A Romanian native, Mario Badescu a chemist and pharmacist who had his own skin laboratory in Vienna before he moved to New York City in 1966. He understood the uniqueness of skin and strongly believed in the importance of a skin analysis and knowing what type of skin each client has before treating the skin. Finding an untapped synergy between beauty and skin care, Badescu was committed to helping clients realize and value their inner beauty rather than cosmetic. His facial treatments and formulas he created featured a blend of organic fruits and vegetables to feed, nourish and revitalize the skin. Offering by appointment only facials out of his NYC apartment and developing a line of handmade products to suit client’s individual skin types and needs. 

For over 50 years, Mario Badescu has been relied upon as a source for quality skin care. Today our products and services are one of New York's best kept secrets. Our valued clientele includes models and actors as well as everyday men and women who understand the importance of good skin care. 

The brand's enduring success and loyal following are the result of the late Mario Badescu's timeless philosophy that skin care should be simple, gentle and effective. We continue our founder's tradition by using fresh fruits, botanicals and other natural ingredients as the basis for our products and salon services. 

Now with over three generations and countless faces later, the Mario Badescu salon has expanded to a 24-room signature salon filled with Badescu-trained facialists and a line of 200 products available around the world.

Good Skin Is Forever.